Who We Are

CONTINUUM Community Support and Cohesion Services

CONTINUUM Community Support and Cohesion Services was conceived in “Frankie and Benny’s”, Sunderland one lunch time by three women who were all facing the threat of redundancy.  During a discussion over lunch, they were commenting on gaps they could see in the provision of services and development support to the Voluntary and Community Sector, in particular those labelled “hard to reach” or “hard to hear”.  They decided that they had over 80 years of the skills and vision to fill some of that gap.

Within a month on 31st March 2008, CONTINUUM Community Support and Cohesion Services was born, registered as a Community Interest Company (06549588)  and trading as CONTiNUUM CIC.

Why A Social Enterprise?

CONTINUUM CIC operates within the values of community development and Social Enterprises are businesses with social objectives operating in the interest of the community and as a not for profit organisation we reinvest any surpluses in the business or in the community, and not shareholders and owners.

Over the last 13 years we have developed and brought in more Directors as people have moved on and our current directors’ can be seen below.

Meet The Directors

Who We Are

The directors have been carefully selected for their independent skill sets, qualifications and experience so we can work together to co-ordinate and deliver much needed services to organisation, businesses, communities and individuals.

Our key Aims and Objectives

Provision of support to voluntary and community organisations, to charities and to public sector bodies and agencies, to help them to identify issues, develop solutions and deliver services which will promote community wellbeing and community cohesion.  All our work is carried out within a strong ethical framework intended to promote and achieve equality of opportunity and to recognise diversity.