Monitoring & Evaluation

We help organisations to develop monitoring and evaluation frameworks which will help you clarify what information you need to collect to show your story of change.

We involve workers, volunteers, other stakeholders and partners in this to ensure there is understanding of the purpose, build capacity and enable organisations and individuals to be informed for future decision making.

It is good practice to have the framework in place before your project begins as without this relevant information can be lost.

This is formative evaluation which ensures your programme or activity is feasible and appropriate whether it is a new programme or the adaptation of an existing one.

  • Implementation evaluation determines whether programme activities have been implemented as intended.
  • Outcome evaluation measures programme effects in the target population by assessing the progress in the outcomes or outcome objectives that the programme is to achieve.
  • Impact evaluation assesses programme effectiveness in achieving its ultimate goals.

We use and support learning on the use of several planning tools such as a planning triangle, a theory of change, along with questionnaires, observation, case studies, focus groups and different forms of interview.

We are always happy to meet your needs or help through discussion to develop ways forward.

We help organisations develop their strategic plans – a process with inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes and like all processes, constraints. It can be formal or informal with feedback loops throughout the process but the end result is the road map of the organisational plan.  We have supported Big Local Partnerships in different areas of the country in their plan development as well as developing learning opportunities for initial guidance.

We will evaluate projects and organisations enabling impact demonstration and improvement.  But also offer support and advice on the design and implementation of monitoring and evaluation systems.

Example Evaluation Reports