I am ME - Ages 7-11 years

We have developed I am ME (Independent, Assertive, Motivated, Mature, Empowered) branded courses for personal development and have delivered this in schools, youth centres and community centres.

This bespoke offer can be used with any group of people to build confidence and resilience.

Our sessions are fun and participative using games, quizzes and team building activities.

Sessions are bespoke and responsive and can include discussions in respect of health issues such as smoking and alcohol, mental health and anger.

Support Specifically for Children aged 7-11 years.

I am ME

This programme is for children targeting the age group 7-11 years which is often missed within community provision as funding is often geared towards early years and young adults.

We believe that this time in a child’s life can be exciting as well as quite scary as they want to be part of their peer social group, the opinions of their friends and classmates’ matter and this can be the start of them experiencing peer pressure.

We believe middle childhood intervention to be timely in respect of child development and our offer is something children enjoy as it introduces a variety of activities and experiences which we know can contribute to positive changes in the lives of the children we work with.

Who is this Programme Suitable For?

The I am ME Programme is suitable for all children between the ages of 7-11, but offers particular support to those with;

  • Childrens Youth Services Groups
  • After School Clubs
  • Community Groups
  • Church Groups
  • Schools
  • Uniformed Groups such as Scouts and Bownies

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