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Development of ‘community cohesion’ so people can function & thrive together
Personal development, confidence building, assertiveness & dealing with negative emotions.
We facilitate workshops, meetings, community events, conferences & strategic planning.

We have a particular interest in working with, and in the interests of, individuals, organisations and communities who face barriers to participation.
This may be in respect of access to education, training, employment or which otherwise impede them from taking a full part in the social, cultural or economic life of their local community.


What We Do

CONTINUUM was established to provide customised support to the voluntary & community sector (VCS) and to the public sector for public benefit, with particular focus on ’hard to reach’ groups and communities.  This includes (but is not restricted to) groups representing or working with: – older people, mixed culture communities, people who have mental ill- health, women and LGBTQ.

We are particularly interested in developing ‘community cohesion’ so commuities can function and grow in harmony. We aim to help communities become places where people feel confident, belonging and comfortable mixing with people from different ethnic backgrounds or faith. We ecourage and deliver on cultural competence so people have a basic understanding of their own culture and a willingness to learn about other cultural practices

Research or consultation exercises to develop policies and strategies can be difficult and time consuming.  Our wide range of VCS contacts provides us with a route to the different sections of the community with whom you may wish to engage.  Once connected we facilitate conversations which secure participation and using appropriate methods and language allow us to gather local views and suggestions.

We facilitate workshops, meetings, community events and conferences for example with Engage Britain and our Partner Organisations. We have grass roots experience of working in and with the public and voluntary & community sectors at operational and strategic levels, giving us a plethora of skill in project and programme development, management and delivery.

Steps towards happier, confident people

Our Vision

… is to provide secure, creative and empowering opportunities to help individuals and organisations develop and learn, creating happier more confident people who can live their lives positively and respectfully.

We have designed personal development courses for children and young people which includes confidence building, assertiveness and dealing with negative emotions.
We undertake one to one mentoring and development work, intended to help build confidence and enable a transfer of skills, knowledge and experience in order to promote sustainability and employability.

We Make A Difference!

Our Commitment

is to be a world class provider, carrying out our work within a strong ethical framework of social justice, self determination, participation and reflective practice intended to promote and model equality of opportunity and to recognise diversity.

A poem about I AM ME This is a poem that people at Ferryhill LADDER Centre came up with...
I am me helps you gain confidence...
read more

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Very Informative Very Informative, Missed Nothing, Was done in a relaxed way.
Loved It

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Enjoyed Meeting Everyone I've enjoyed meeting everyone involved, the discussions and the practical activities. Thank You 🙂

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Thoroughly Enjoyed The Session Thoroughly Enjoyed The Session, and having a real scenario to work through

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Personal Development

Steps towards mental fitness

Our Work is underpinned by our ABC methodology: Accessible, Bespoke and Client-centred

We understand the struggle individuals, organisations and businesses go through. Get specialist help, support and advice from Continuum.

  • We facilitate workshops and meetings to ensure enjoyable and equitable learning experiences and discussion, working across all levels of participant.
  • We deliver programmes to build self esteem and resilience such as I am ME for the individual and Confident Communities for local groups.
  • 24/7 phone counselling services for students who’re in distress.
  • Relaxation room offers meditation cushion, yoga mat, and reiky

Just because no one else can heal or do your inner work for you, doesn’t man you can, should or need to do it alone.  Lisa Olivera

Feel Free to Talk.