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Facilitation Services

“A facilitator acts as a guide to help people move through a process. They guide the participants towards an exploratory journey of learning by helping them to delve into their inner self to realize their strengths and weaknesses, helping them to share their experiences and learning from the experiences of others.” 

Akash Chander from “6 Essential Skills of an Effective Facilitator.”

We offer facilitation of groups as we understand that meetings can end up going nowhere and planning ends in chaos.

We use facilitation skills to enable and support you to achieve your objectives, involving everyone and respecting all contributions.  We believe this builds ownership and capacity in group members.  We help you sort the process from the content.

Moving Your Organisation Forward

We offer support and development to local people and organisations so that they can take their organisations forward with a clear plan.

Conflict Resolution

Negative conflict, like bullying, can harm individuals and undermine teamworking.

Team Building

Benefits: increased communication, planning skills, employee motivation and employee collaboration.

Ideas Sessions

Creative meetings help pitch, brainstorm, & check in on company developments.

Continuum Can Help

We offer facilitation, a process through which we can guide you to an effective result whether it is a business meeting, an ideas session, a planning session, team building or conflict resolution to name just a few.

Facilitation for organisations in County Durham
  • Do you come out of meetings having had a pointless debate, feeling you have not actually achieved anything?
  • Do you feel able to make contributions and when you do, are they heard?
  • Does your group trust each other and are relationships flourishing?
  • Do your meetings lead to a concrete next step with everyone on board?

If you answered no to these questions we can help.

Organisational Benefits

As objective outsider’s who are not affected or held back by your organisation’s dynamics, we can help you improve the good things as well as address those things that are not working well.

We can explore things together, respecting each other’s contributions.  We can discuss ideas honestly based on their merit and help you make decisions on where to next using your understanding of self and others’ strengths and weakness.

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