I am ME - Power Up

We have developed I am ME (Independent, Assertive, Motivated, Mature, Empowered) branded courses for personal development for adolescents and young adults. This is a 10-12 week programme.

This bespoke offer can be used with any group of people to build confidence and resilience.

Our sessions are fun and participative using games, quizzes and team building activities.

Sessions are bespoke and responsive and can include discussions in respect of health issues such as smoking and alcohol, mental health and anger.

Support Specifically for Adolescents and Young Adults.

I am ME – Power UP

This programme recognises that individual attributes, life choices, and environmental factors interact to set a young person’s general direction in life. We know that for every positive decision, relationship or outcome an individual has, the more robust their self-esteem becomes, which enables them to move through their lives and in particular through transition periods with less trauma or reliance on being one of the crowd.

We encourage young people to make choices and withstand pressure from their peers where they can undertake behaviours that are risky and which can result in them being pushed into freefall. We work on communication and language skills understanding that these are a corner stone of leading successful lives.

Who is this Programme Suitable For?

The Power Up Programme is suitable for all adolescence and young adults, but offers particular support to those with;

  • Neurodiversity Conditions
  • 'Left Behind' Communities
  • Transitional adolescents from school to apprenticeships or apprenticeships into employment
  • Those at risk of offending
  • Youth services sector

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